Students work in international teams to create innovative solutions for dynamic problems, culminating in an immersion trip and presentation to clients in leading global technology clusters. The exchange among preeminent students, companies, and universities promotes the advancement of technology and entrepreneurship.
The students benefit from exposure to international networks and professional settings. Companies benefit from divergent thinking, dynamic problem solving, and a portal for talent hiring.

Business Planning

Evaluate current business model and develop growth strategies, including potential new products and services

Build your idea and grow your business

Build your start-up from an idea, and grow your business with new products and services.

Case Study

Optimize Process

Analysis of existing practices with a data-driven approach, and support implementation of modified process

Streamline operations

Deep dive into your data, deliver optimization strategies, and create systems towards the optimized process

Case Study

Marketing Strategy

Create actionable marketing plans that targets audiences after creating key audience profiles

Spread the word

Provide series of recommendations and actionable items towards successful marketing campaigns

Case Study

Global Expansion

Assess potential region’s viability and provide detailed multifaceted entry strategy for each identified location

Your International Guide

Multi-cultured team with diverse background makes reliable guide for global market expansion

Case Study

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