Peter Frey

Chief Information Officer, Expressen

“We really enjoyed working with the team, because we got a couple of things that we didn’t really think about. The value is to have different opinions and have another point of view. It really exceeded my expectations.”

Malin Cronqvist

Founder, Help to Help

“Students always want to deliver and I feel like that is a very important thing, because if people are like that, then they will go the extra mile.”

Preben Wik

CEO, Furhat Robotics

“We changed course around midpoint, but it was actually because they had delivered more than I initially thought.”


Erica Young

Student, NTU

“ICON is an incredible experience. It’s good for you to understand other cultures and meet other people and also to develop your own interpersonal skills as well as intrapersonal skills.”

Adam Bhatti

Student, LIU
New York

“My time with ICON has been transformative. From interacting with clients in a professional setting to conducting detailed financial valuations, I feel confident in my future professional prospects.”