What We Do

Students work in international teams to create innovative solutions for dynamic problems, culminating in an immersion trip and presentation to clients in leading global technology clusters.

This exchange among preeminent students, companies, and universities promotes the advancement of technology and entrepreneurship. The students benefit from exposure to international networks and professional settings. Companies benefit from divergent thinking, dynamic problem solving, and a portal for talent hiring.

The International Consulting Network has been focusing on the rapid expansion of student consultancy in Singapore, Israel, the United States, South Korea, and Sweden.  Each country’s chapter is responsible for the development of local recruiting, fundraising and training of consultants.  The leadership team in the respective countries recruits projects and focus on quality assurance for clients. Universities affiliated with ICON utilize resources of partner institutions. The ICON Executive Board continues researching technology clusters in order to expand its knowledge base and expertise on relevant companies across the globe.



We aim to be the best student consulting organisation, focusing on strategies that encompass global perspectives and innovation to shape a better future for our clients.


We consolidate the brightest and the most innovative future leaders from around the world. By assembling cross-cultural teams made up of an international network of consultants, we delve into the core of problems and generate innovative and sustainable business strategies that deliver quality service for both profit and non-profit organizations.

What We Have Achieved

Our primary objectives are to service our clients and optimize consultants’ experiences.  First, we recruit projects from technology-based or entrepreneurial organizations all over the world.  Then, we form multi-disciplinary and international teams.  A single project may consist of consultants who are studying engineering, law, science, business, journalism, computer science, and media communication.  Additionally, these individuals are located all over the globe: Sweden, Chicago, New York, South Korea, and Israel.

After consultants are trained and project managers selected, we tailor the project teams to the individual talents and attributes of ICON members.  For instance, a project from the marketing division of Bosch Healthcare may consist of a senior manager with a background in healthcare, MBA students concentrating in marketing and prospective doctors in the MD program at U of I.  Our leadership team carefully crafts each group to create the most rewarding experience for both project teams and clients.

Each team meets weekly for twelve weeks to review research and discuss progress in developing solutions for the client.  Furthermore, the team meets with clients on a weekly basis to answer questions and present findings.  A midpoint presentation undergoes internal review by the senior leadership team before it is officially presented to the client.  After this “midterm,” the client and consultants are better able to discuss expectations for the final six weeks of the project.  The project ends with a trip to technology cluster location of interest for that semester, i.e. Silicon Valley, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, and South Korea etc.  At the given location, project teams deliver final recommendations to their respective clients.